Raw materials: Aluminum, Steel, and Composite materials

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The designer of easy aircraft to use composite fibers in the desired direction, and where exactly in the required quantity. The fibers are embedded in a resin to remain in position and provide the necessary support against deformation. Instead, plywood or sheet metal, which allows only one curvature, creator compound, in which the fibers fixed in two directions. (Son and attack), also incorporated in the resin. This has the advantage of freedom in the shape of double curvature, as shown optimal aerodynamic shape and looks very attractive (aesthetic of the service) required.

Today fibers (glass, nylon, kevlar, carbon, beard or mustache of different chemical composition) are very strong, so the structure is very simple. A disadvantage is the poor rigidity. The structure must strengthen this will be achieved by conventional discrete reinforcements or more elegant with sandwich structure: two layers of thin solid fibers or bidirectional (foam or “honeycomb”) through light nuclei place. This allows the designer to obtain the desired rigidity and inertia.

From a technical standpoint, this method is very attractive, and supported by many authorities, because there are new developments, which displays necessary in case of war. (United States, without titanium or chromium must develop alternative practices) But this approach has its drawbacks homebuilding: necessary form and strict quality control is a must for the right amount of fiber and resin and for a good adhesion between the two to avoid too “dry” or “wet” and structure. The polymerization of the resin is very sensitive to temperature, humidity and pressure. Finally, the resin active chemical known not only allergies, as well as agents that produce our body attack (particularly the lungs and eyes) and have the unfortunate characteristic, the cumulative result and harmful (mostly impairment of the eye) only appear years after the first contact.

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